Online presence lead generation

Web Development

Information and Communication Website

These websites serve well as on your Online presence. Our package includes Security, SEO, Google maps, free plugin functionality. Implemented in 5 days once images and content provided via our form online. 12 months hosting, Email including SMTP.
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E-commerce website

Online selling. Flexibility is key when selling on-line, not being locked into a system centric way of doing things. We use woocommerce which is the industry standard of wordpress solutions for e commerce.
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Online Functionality

These days you can find the best functionality for your business model in the way of plugin or embedded service. Interconnectivity/integrations between systems is now standard business practice. We can implement what ever you need.

Device/Mobile compatiblity


HTML5 has amazing functionality these days. Pre HTML5 you could not have app like functionality. This has changed with HTML5 bringing the same complexity of functionality as apps. HTML5 is also compatible with all device size and use.

Customer Survey

Ask customers why, via formulated survey

Ask your customers as they know best! Surveys clean your database and also profile your customers for your CRM. Worth while event to hone your customer relationships.

Search Engine Optimization and Reporting

Websites need to be configured so people can find you

In order to be found by new potential customers you must use keywords they would use to find things. This could be method, technique, legislative requirement, function, product type, application, etc, etc. If you take time to set configuration rules, you will ensure good traffic and leads.  

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